2016 Tour & School Groups

A fun Learning Experience! We invite you to bring your group to visit our farm and pumpkin patch this fall. During the visit, everyone learns about a fruit and vegetable farm while having fun picking their own pumpkin 'from the patch. Mr. Altenburg (the farmer himself) provides each group with individual 'attention to ensure that everyone has a fun, educational visit to the farm. Our farm is located 3 miles east of Wis. Rapids or 10 miles west of Plover on Highway 54.

The Educational Visit (approx. 1 hour)

The visit includes a tractor-driven hayride* to the pumpkin patch, through a drive-through maze, and around our farm including an educational guided tour by Farmer Altenburg. It also has fun experiences like picking a pumpkin from the patch, crawling through a bundle of cornstalks, having fun in our straw play area, visiting Boot Hill Cemetery, and enjoying the goat walk and various Halloween decorations on our farm along with a pumpkin from the patch

Quick Guide

Only $6.00 per person, with no charge for teachers or one group leader. The teacher or group leader may pick one pumpkin from the patch for the classroom. Minimum group size is 20

Make your reservation now!

Contact Dottie Jirschele at (715) 423-8505 to schedule your group's visit. We will mail a confirmation to you.

The charge for the educational visit including a pumpkin from the patch is only $6.00 per person (including students, siblings age 2 and up, parents, and chaperones - however, there is no parent or chaperone fee if your school books a tour or tours for a total of 20 students or more). There is no charge for teachers or one group leader per class or group. A teacher or group leader may pick one pumpkin from the patch for the classroom.

The charge for the optional walk-through corn maze is only an additional $2.00 per person, a savings of 50% from our regular admission fee.

Minimum group size is 20, but if your group is smaller we do accommodate by combining with other small groups. If we are unable to combine groups, the minimum charge is $120.

'*For maximum safety, the wagon ride to the pumpkin patch and around the farm does NOT cross Highway 54 or any other public roadway.

126 Years of Farming

Altenburgs have been farming in Central Wisconsin since 1890 - including 52 years at our Grand Rapids farm! We are proud to continue the farming tradition. We are grateful to the many teachers, children, and families from Central Wisconsin and beyond who have visited our farm over the years, including those who started when they were children and now bring their own children. Thank you for sharing in fun times at our farm.

Goat Walk

This year, we have a goat walk at our farm. You might wonder, "Just what is a goat walk?" It is a tall bridge that goats climb to get to some feed. Goats like a steep climb and you'll enjoy watching them make the climb on our goat walk.

Let's Do Lunch!

We offer a lunch area to groups that would like to bring their lunch and eat at our farm. In the event of inclement weather, your group can eat lunch in a sheltered area. When calling to schedule your group's visit, please let us know if you would like to "do lunch" at our farm.

The Pumpkin Crop is Looking Great!

We have a good crop of about 8 acres of pumpkins this year! We look forward to your group's visit and sharing a fun, educational experience at our farm.

Optional Walk-Through Corn Maze

If your group has available time, you may wish to add our 3 acre walk-through corn maze to your visit. This year's theme is Learning is Growing!